Friday, November 25, 2011

Just Some Stuff About Me

Sorry I haven't posted in like, forever. I've been working a lot on my two other*ahem*secret*ahem*blogs*ahem*. Anyway I thought you might like to learn a bit about me.

I am a dark-haired & dark-eyed girl, with hair that is slightly shorter than #53's hair. I am absolutely in LOVE with American Girl Dolls(if you haven't noticed)! But I have some other things that keep me occupied then just AG dolls.
 I love Star Wars too! Yes, Star Wars. And no, it isn't just for boys. Ask your brother if he knows Starkiller's real name & you've got your answer.
 I also love these books called the Codebearers Series. Those books are so utterly awesome its hard to explain! They are sort of like an allegory, ya know, like Pilgrims Progress. But not exactly.
I also love to write. Well, not exactly write. I type it on the computer. Its easier for my fingers to keep up with my mind.
I also like fashion design. Well, I love clothes, but mostly I like mixing & matching my stuff, my dolls stuff, etc.
I love photography. Its kinda like art, but because I can't draw that good(my sister got all the drawing genes), I like to take creative pictures of things to, well, I don't know. I just like to do it. Its fun.
I hope to make this a better blog, because its insanely boring right now.  So please forgive me for neglecting this.
Via(The Way) Veritas(of Truth) Via(and Life)
The Way will guide you,
The Truth will set you free.
A new Life is written,
For those who believe.