Friday, January 25, 2013

Stupid writer's {and blogger's} block

Why must this happen to me! Dratted New Years Resolutions. Why can't I post more? Maybe because my life is pretty mundane, and besides some incidents, nothing has been happening much with me. Hmmm, lets see. I've seen the Hobbit 4 times now. I cannot for some unknown reason begin to write An {Unexpected} Journey, a part of my The Four Rings Series {see my story blog The Call}. You'd think seeing the movie four times would allow me to begin to write. But nooooo, I can only write a little bit of the third chapter, The Ups and Downs of Adventures {cool name, no?}. Okay, I'm begging for compliments. Ignore me, please :)
   Buuuuutttt, I did manage to do the first chapter of my new book/story {it will probably be too short for a book} Friends and Enemies. I will post it on The Call asap.

Things to do:

#1: Write the last two chapters of Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate

#2: Write a post introducing my new dolls on The Fellowship of the Dolls

#3: Write review for the Hobbit