Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh. Hi, do I know you?

Yeah, it's me again.

I'm ill.

Head cold.

I'm pretty sure I got it at the conference.

The homeschool conference we were at this weekend.

All day.

For two days.

Ugh. {Not 'ugh' in the sense that I didn't like the conference. "Ugh" as in I'm irritated I got the cold}

We actually did have some time to watch a show from Netflix.


It's a British show.

It's kinda strange/odd but interesting.

We watched it on Clearplay.

D made a new board for it. 221.B Baker Street.

Very strange man, that Sherlock.

{Btw, just as a random fact, Sherlock {Benedict Cumberbatch} plays Smaug's voice in the Hobbit}

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