Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Hate Computers


 I hate computers with a hot hot hate.

    Okay, not really. With no computer I'd have no blogs, no way to keep up with faraway friends, and no pinterest! The horror!

   Translation - Our computer got fried last Sunday. The power went out for like a 1/2 hour in the morning and probably killed it. It was kinda old anyways, but now the idiot thing won't turn on. So now I gotta do any pinning/blogging on my dad's laptop.

   And I can't work on my book Friends and Enemies {which you can read here} without the stupid computer. Arg.
   Also, I can't upload any pictures. So that means no new photos of my dollz on my doll blog. Life.

   But if you leave a comment, I can still read it because we have our tablet. But we can't pin on it and it takes an eternity and a half to write an email, much less a book chapter.

   Also, though, I am looking so much forward to the DOS premier {that we will probably see the Monday after} that I'm doing my hair in dwarvish/elvish/hobbitish styles every day for these about two weeks. On Sunday I went elaborate, about five braids. Yesterday was simple. Today slightly more complex.

   What I'm also looking forward to is that our super-close friends Ammelia and Catherine will probably hang with us for the weekend when it comes out, and we'll go see it together! I hopehopehopehope!!! They moved a long way from us, so instead of seeing them about once a week at the least, once every two months is lucky.

   I've got a violin!Well, actually, it' not mine, It's borrowed from my probably-soon-to-be-teacher. So I've been trying to work on learning the chords. My piano teacher used to play the violin too, so she helped me a little.

   I love Duck Dynasty! I will post more on it later, but hey, it rocks, Jack!

   Okay, it's late, I gotta get off. I'm thankful for all you guys. You rock.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Human Race is Saved!!

   Jubilation in the streets!! Hallelujah!

   Wait, what? What am I so happy about? Oops, I didn't tell you, did I?

   Well, it went something like this;

   D had a cold on Choir Day, so I was going in alone. It was raining. A.k.a. no one's going to stand out there in the dripping rain to talk, so everybody would be inside, presumably listening to the ten-to-twelve-year-olds practice for the concert. But a couple of guys were loitering in front of the door.
   "Oh, great." I thought to myself as I bade Mom farewell and hopped out of our light blue Hyundai. "This is going to be awkward." I sucked in my breath and marched through the light drizzle up to the door.
   Then, wonder of wonders! One of the guys moved so that I could enter and opened the door for me. I was {basically} stunned! I said a quick thank you and hustled in out of the rain.
   I mean, wow! I though that most of the gentlemen were gone! Turns out I was wrong. And for the record, those guys were not my friends, or my friend's brothers. They were basically strangers opening a door for a young lady who technically could do it herself. I was amazed.
   But of course, these were homeschoolers, so I wasn't that surprised. Homeschooled guys are the only hope for Guykind, in my honest opinion. They are the type of guys who actually say "excuse me" if they bump into you or step in front of you during the rush to the seats right before class starts for choir.
   Most guys you see walking around wear their pants somewhere in the vicinity of their knees, and curse freely, never opening a door for Girlkind in their lives.
    So to the guys who open doors for girls, say excuse me, and are polite, regardless if you are homeschooled or not, I applaud you. Keep up the good work!

   I know it's a selfie, but I'm not making a duck face {oh please no!} so you should be grateful :)



Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Camera // Vacation // Photos!

There's me going as we head towards vacation. D obs took this snapshot.

We visited the lovely town of Canon Beach, Oregon. This was taken at the Maritime Museum about a half an hour from Canon Beach.

From the left is Dad, D, then me. And obviously Mom took this shot. 
This was a canon at Fort Stevens, the only fort on US soil to be fired upon {in a sub} in WWII.

And then there's D!! Hi D! Here I made her point out to sea. Or did she do that on her own...?

There's me setting up Emilie and Molly for a shot. 
D says it looks like Em is throwing up and Molls is freaking out. No comment.

And just as a bonus, they always do these signs wrong. It totes should be "You Shall Not Pass". Obs.

So that was our vacation folks! 
If you ever visit the lovely town of Canon Beach, you will probably enjoy it. It was quite pleasant. 
But definitely go visit Fort Stevens. It was the coolest part of the vacation. It was epic.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Did You See That // Desolation of Smaug the Terrible's Trailer

Oh my goodness grievous.

The absolutely awesome trailer for the next Hobbit movie was released this morning.

I'd show you the video on here, but I can't figure out how. {Heheh}

But here's the link anyway {link}. Note: it goes to a video on pinterest, and on our board for the DOS.

Oh wow, you can actually see Fili in the background. Hi Fili!

{The reason I'm happy about that, is that the guy who was going to play Fili quit whilst they were filming the Unexpected Journey, and they had to hire current Fili [Dean O'Gorman] to fill his shoes. So most of that movie you can play "See Where Fili is" because some shots of him are not current Fili}

And of course, Kili, Bilbo, Dwalin and Thorin are in this shot. Though Bilbo should be wearing his normal clothes, those that he's wearing are from Laketown. Tut tut.

[Below: Smaug admires Bilbo's feet.]

Fun note: Benedict Cumberbatch, i.e. Sherlock, voices Smaug. And you can totally tell.



Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Q&A Answer Post!


1. What is your favorite color?
Pink, orange and yellow.

2. What is your favorite food?

Hmmm.... at the moment it's my mom's sour cream and chicken dinner!

3. Do you play any sports?

No. I sometimes say I can do badminton, but I'm actually pretty bad :)

4. What is your dream vacation?

New Zealand!

5. How many siblings do you have?

Twoza. 'Lil sis D-ster and big bro

6. Email or snail mail?

Snail mail is awesome, but email is cool too. I think I'm tied ;)

Anna Storyteller:

What's your favorite fandom? (just one--I know it's hard!)

Zee Hobbit, I believe.

Who's better--Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?

Meh, both are about the same.

LOTR or The Hobbit?


What's your ideal job?


If you could be a millionaire, would you want to be? Why or why not?

I'd rather not, because then all I'd think about is money.

If somebody told you you're pretty, what's your reaction? (let's suppose it's a guy, please...)

"Oh, uh, thanks, I think. Heh heh."

Do you prefer memorizing scripture or reading scripture more?


If you HAD to change your blog name, what would you change it to?

What Willow Wills :)

Would you rather be a professional sports player (any sport) or travel the world in style?
Travel the world in style!

Do you have straight hair or curly hair?

Straight, waaayy straight.

Are you more of a girly girl or a tomboy? Or more of a I'm-a-writer-I'll-do-outside-stuff-and-hair-is-foreign-to-me kind of person?

I'd say 1/2 and 1/2. I don't care a whole lot about hair, I take very little time doing it in the mornings. Plus the fact that it takes at least ten minutes to blow-dry it.

If you could get paid for being on pinterest, would you take that on as a job?


If you started playing the violin, would you want to go for a big school like it, like maybe Julliard or something?

Nada. Too hard, not that fun for moi.

If you had to pick, would you rather do hip-hop dance or ballet?

Ballet! I used to do it when I was little.

Would you rather do drama or choir?

Drama. But we're probably doing choir this year for homeschool.

Would you rather live in New York or Chicago?

New York. Chicago is not safe.

New York or Paris?

Paris! I really want to learn French!

Paris or London?

London! You could run into someone famous on the Tube!

California or Washington D.C.?


Christina L: Well, ever since I found your blog I've wondered if you and D got your names from {Anna} Storyteller, or if she got the names from you?
She got them from us. We had our names waaayyy before she wrote the Unusuals.
Jessie:  I've always wondered if your real name is Willow, or if it's just a screen name? If it's a screen name, you don't have to tell what your real name is; I'm just curious. Willow is such a pretty name!
Heheheheh.... sorry, that is classified! You'll never know... unless I become famous of course. I'll let you know then, hehe.
SW: What's your favorite movie?
The lovely Hobbit is my current favorite movie.
What's your favorite book?
The Bible
What music are you listening to (assuming you're listening to some at le moment)?
Le Miserables in my head
Dogs or cats?
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Coffee mixed with oreo cookies
What's your favorite color?
 Pink and orange and yellow
City or country?
Both. It's basically a tie, I live in the suburbs, and don't really like the big cities, but not quite the country where you're out in the middle on nowhere.
What do you do with your spare time?
Ooo, are you ready for this? Singing Les Mis songs, with D and by myself. Sewing doll clothes, reading books, working on my blogs, pinning on Pinterest, writing books, etc.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tag....The Hobbit

 The lovely Miss Anna Storyteller {yes, I need the "last name thing" to help me remember} tagged my for this fun tag thingie. She did LOTR, but to do something different I'm doing the Hobbit. Hope you enjoy ;)

1. If the main villain of your favorite book/movie/TV series showed up on your front doorstep, what would you do? (Explain who it is first...)
Zee Hobbit. OHMYGOODNESSGRIEVOUS!! It's AZOG THE DEFILER!! I'm running for cover! 
2. Now supposing the heroes opposite this villain showed up just after your exchange. What would you do then?
Would someone kill that Gunabarg orc please! Thank you! Than lots of hugging short dwarves-who-are-at-least-a-head-shorter-than-you. 
 3. So...moving on, the heroes defeat the villain (with some help from you, of course-whatever it may be. ;) But the next day, you're just walking along, minding your own business, when you suddenly come across the same villain...who is now lying in the dust severely wounded and unconscious. What do you do?  
Poke him with your toe and then call the dwarves back up and tell them to come collect their orc. Then maybe mentally debate if I should help him.
4. Now his minions show up and kidnap both you and him and take you to their universe (or version of your universe, whatever it happens to be.) Your reaction? 
I am ecstatic! But I wouldn't be pleased to be stuck with the nasty orcs, but happy to be in Middle-earth anyway.
5. Your fantastic heroes have arrived to rescue you-but now you're faced with a choice. The villain, out of gratitude for your earlier help, (assuming you actually did help him when he was wounded) has offered you a chance to travel back to your own universe. However, the heroes warn you not to trust him. The only other way for you to get back home is to travel with the heroes on a long and dangerous journey... and there's no guarantee that you'll survive.
What. Do. You. Do. 

Ahem, I didn't really help him, but whatev. I'm going with the dwarves, hands-down. Never trust and orc.

By the way, I think I might do this again, Sherlock style. It's way too tempting. Or D might. Or Les Miserables even, maybe. Hmmm...

Okay, here's who I "tag":

Darrion @ Sincerely Darrion

Piano Bookworm @ Piano's Stories

Thanks again Anna!

-Catch ya later-


Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick Note

I will be posting my answers to your question as soon as I can! We have been working on a garage sale here and my room is a colossal mess. My closet is cleaner then it's been is years, though. Anyway, I'm rather busy, and don't have a ton of time for answering questions, but I will try to squeeze it in as soon as I can.

Over and out.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why? // Update on Life

No, I did not take this photo. But those are the boots I've been wanting for, like, three {?} years now. Okay, back to the point.

I have bad news from my corner of the world here.

I was at the orthodontist yesterday....

...... and ......

.... yeah, they think I should get braces. And maybe even oral surgery.

Excuse me while I jump for joy {note my sarcastic tone}.

The thing is, one side of my jaw is misaligned or something, but the other side is okay. 

I have an overbite and it's catching on my lower lip and pulling them out more. Sigh.

 And they said something about thirty months of having braces. I practically passed out. [Note: exaggeration]

"Thirty months?! That's, like, two and a half years!! I'll practically be an adult by then!!!"~Quote from me

Plus the fact that it will cost a grand fortune. So I'm safe for a while.

But I'm pretty sure that I do need some kind of help for my teeth/jaw. Double sigh.

I did have to ask what kind of food you could eat if you got braces. The only type of food that I would lament not eating was popcorn, which I don't eat much of anyhow.

I also asked if you could play the violin when you had braces. Happily, the answer was yes, but if I had the surgery thing I'd probably need to take a month off because of healing purposes. I still need to rent I violin and get lessons, but I don't know when.

Quick note: I will be posting my answers to your questions on August the 6th.

To end this post on a lighter note :)

-Catch ya later-


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello? // Why are there only a few Questions? // Cool News!

It's not that I don't have questions. I got several. But I'd lurve more.


Okay, here's some help.

By the way, I think I'm going to start playing the lovely violin! My piano teacher let me try hers, to see if I would like the instrument, and I did. Though my arm started hurting for the five minutes I was holding the thing.

I already play the piano {the esteemed "Simply Music" method} and so I pretty much know notes {hey, I know the high notes. Violin's play high notes. This thing was made for me.} I'm a bit nervous though. You really have to get strong in your left arm {and your right arm come to think of it} and I know it might be a bit painful. But half the day yesterday I was dying to try to play by ear with the instrument, but I need to get one. Plu, for my piano, I get to learn lots of stuff from Les Miserables, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Hobbit! Fun, no?

So if you have any questions about anything {basically} just ask!

-Catch ya later-


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ask Me // Q and A // Les Miserables is Awesome //

Hello again! Seems like forever since I've posted, and yet it was, like two/three days ago.

 I would like to do a Q&A post. Everyone, well, some people, seem to do it and it seems to work. But if there's a rude question or one that I wouldn't want to answer, I either will delete it or not answer it. Got it? So to you people who think it's funny to leave mean or gross comments, it will be deleted immediately. But I hope the rest of you ask fun questions that will be interesting to post about.


Onto my life so far in the two/three days I haven't posted.

Well, I'm sore on, like, every part of my body. You see, on Sunday, our church had a potluck picnic. And there was a thing called a game. A boys against girls game.

Actually, a girls and dads against boys game. The reason for that is because we have about twenty or so boys under twelve and about four over that and not yet an adult. And we also have a fair amount of girls, but not as many, and the littler girls didn't want to play.

So that meant that us older girls, ranging in age from about eleven to sixteen played the game.

Oh, yeah. The game is called "Bucket Baseball". There is a bucket and several plastic bats. Then one team selects a pitcher, for the girls it was Mr. C., for the boys it was Andrew {about 6 years old?} and then the pitcher tries to throw the ball into the bucket.

The batters try to hit the ball away from the bucket and if they hit the ball, they run the bases and get back in line while the next person on the team bats. If on your turn, the ball is either caught when you hit it or lands in the bucket, you're out. Sounds complicated? It's not really.

So two people were left. Mr H. and yours truly. So I had to run umpteen times around the bases. I could barely breath. Because Mr H. would hit the ball and run, then I'd have to hit it and run again. The only time I had less air than then was when we'd spent two hours at a trampoline park. And this time I'd been working out!

By the way, did I tell you that I love Les Miserables? D made me watch it 'cause I couldn't understand her references. I lurve it now. We even did a board on pinterest for it.

{Note: reference to movie in response}

~What's up with you?~

-Catch ya later-


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day Thirty {!!!} // How You Got Into LOTR

How did I get into it?

My parents. My mom read us The Hobbit aloud about mid March, because we'd seen the Hobbit preview in theaters when we went to see the Avdentures of Tintin {3 times!}. Than by the end of summer we had read each LOTR book and seen the movie when we were done with the book.

We weren't experts immediately, it was gradual. But just to be clear we HATE all that magic stuff in it. I know it's supposed to be "magical" but still. We do not support any of the magic stuff and do not like that Simlirillian thing.

Okay, so that's it! Tomorrow I might/might not do a post about something in my life. Ramble about Sherlock and the Reichenbach Fall? Maybe a review or something. Maybe the fact that the Desolation of Smaug is taking waaaaaayyyy too long to get here. It wasn't like this with the Unexpected Journey. But we didn't know it would be so awesome. Sigh. Hobbit why come you no faster?

How did you get into LOTR?

-Catch ya later-


Friday, July 5, 2013

Day Twenty Nine // Your LOTR Collection

Ummmm.... my LOTR collection? Righto.

We have all of the DVDs, including the Hobbit Blu-Ray Combo pack.

D has lots of the LEGO LOTR/Hobbit stuffs.

D also has two Hobbit art-type books and a magazine.

[Note: Our picture!]

I have.... well, we both have the calender.

I know, not totally awesome.

But I will be getting Arwen's dress costume from Amazon this year {hopefully} and maybe the Evenstar.

Not sure though.

What's in your LOTR/Hobbit collection?

-Catch ya later-


{I can't look at that picture without laughing!}

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day Twenty Eight // Ents or Eagles // Happy Independence Day!

 Happy Independence Day!

Okay, who ever thought of forcing you to decide between Ents and Eagles. No idea there.

{Anyone know that John Rhys-Davies {Gimli} voiced Treebeard as well?}

Now don't you think that it'd be a lot simpler if the Eagles had flown the dwarves to the Lonely Mountain?  No comment.

Anyhow, I think I'd choose the Ents. Excepting the incident with the Entwives, they are pretty cool. Accept their insanely annoying slow speech. Arg.

Who do you like better?

-Catch ya later-

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Twenty Seven // Isenguard or Mordor

Is this a trick question? No idea. For me, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Mordor is super bad and Isenguard is not/as/bad.

As you can see below, this {I think} is a trading card. But who knows/who cares. In it you can see the Party Tree {Hobbiton} Minas Tirith, Sauron's tower thingy and Orthanc {the tower of Isenguard}. And this pictures here's because I can't find any good ones of Isenguard/Mordor in our pinterest boards. I know right? Silly? No comment.
   So once this challenge is over I am planning on reviewing Les Miserables. And maybe Sherlock. The Reichenbach Fall is coming from Netflix today, btw. We {D & I} are really excited. But not about the previews beforehand. Did you know that Aidan Turner {Kili} is in a creepy BBC show called Being Human? He's a vampire {no, I'm not kidding}. He comes onto the screen wearing a pink t-shirt and an Aragorn-style hairo. Please just kill me now. We saw the DVD set at Costco. He was *ahem* snarling-like at the camera. I nearly freaked out with creeped-out-ness right there in the DVD isle. *Ugh* So don't watch the preview. My dad said that they threw blood at the camera. Ooo, fun, right? [Note: I am being sarcastic. I hate vampires/werewolves and the like] Okay, I am so done with this topic.

-Catch ya later-


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day Twenty Six // Favorite Larger-than-life Foe

Not that I completely know what that is...

But I chose Saruman. Ugh, I hate despise him with vigor. *Shudder*

And lo and behold on pinterest, D and I don't have any photographs of him. Not a surprise, but whatever. So here are some "funnies" of Saruman since I couldn't find any "serious" ones.

-Catch ya later-


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day Twenty Five: Favorite Quote

Favorite quotes, here I come!

"Not all those who wander are lost."

"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens."

"Speak friend and enter."
"You shall not pass."

What's your favorite quote?

-Catch ya later-


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day Twenty Four: Scariest Moment

Okay, now we watched all three LOTR movies on our Clearplay filter, so we didn't see some of the scary or gross stuff. We covered our eyes for some of it too. Like that part in Isenguard with the Uruk-hai... never mind. But I know hands down what the scariest moment, at least for me, was.

In the Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo is giving Frodo Sting and his mitril coat, 
and Bilbo sees the ring, and does his Gollum face.
Totally freakiest scariest moment. I can never watch that scene. 
Or pin it. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it. *Shiver*

What do you think was the scariest moment?

-Catch ya later-


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day Twenty Three: Least Favorite Character

Note: I'm going to add a movie countdown thing to the sidebar for the Desolation of Smaug. And I watched Phantom of the Opera on Friday. I am so not watching that movie again. It was way too emotionally intense for moi.

Least fave characters are kinda hard sometimes. Don't know why. Depends on the movie.

But I'm pretty sure mine's Denathor.

Who's you least fave character?

-Catch ya later-


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day Twenty Two: Character You Pity Most

Sorry I haven't been posting a whole lot. I was really busy from Friday to Sunday, and kinda Monday. I was being lazy on Monday. Hey, it's summer! Plus I had to judge AGC  on Sunday so I couldn't post normally.

But anyway...

The character I pity most is probably Faramir. I mean, his dad is a jerk, and his big bro {and probably the only one who'd stand up to Denathor} dies, and he's left all alone. Then of course, there's Eowyn, so he's not off that badly :)

~Who's the character you pity most?~

-Catch ya later-


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day Twenty One: Most Inpiring Moment

Hey again!

Sorry I didn't post after the DOS trailer. D and I were moving Pinterest boards around and adding new ones, then came piano where my teacher said we could learn Concerning Hobbits and Pirates of the Caribbean Theme. She also said we had to watch Phantom of the Opera though. And I hate highly dislike most musicals. Especially High School Musical. Don't even get me started. But anyway, on to the most inspiring moment.

By FAR the most inspiring moment is when Aragorn stands before his army...

and give his speech...

and Gimli and Legolas's friend speeches...

then Aragorn saying "For Frodo", and charging by himself down the hill, with Merry and Pippin following.

-Catch ya later-


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did You See That // Desolation of Smaug Trailer

Did you see that? We sure did! D and I watched it as live as it could be.
 It was actually about a minute late, no joke.
I was practicing piano for a while before it and was playing Sherlock and the Misty Mountains obsessively.

Here is the link to the vid on the Hobbit's facebook page.

Go watch it.

Prepare to be amazed.

I will do my other LOTR/Hobbit post today, but D wants to get to her blog now, so I gotta log off.

-Catch ya later-


Monday, June 10, 2013

Day Twenty: Saddest Character Death

To see a really good post about this sad subject, click here.

I mean, it goes without saying that the death of Fili, Kili and Thorin will totally be the saddest deaths.

I mean, come on! Why did Tolkien kill them? Arg!

And we know that Peter Jackson is totally gonna make the scene horribly sad and probably a it gruesome. 
I mean, Orcs, Goblins, yeah it's gonna be nasty.

What do you think is the saddest character death?

-Catch ya later-


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day Nineteen: Weirdest Screencap

Because I didn't know what "screencap" was, I googled it and now am prepared to post.

A screencap is a photo basically from a movie, during the movie. You see those all the time on pinterest.

Here's the one's I find weird/funny.

Try to ignore the words... but Thorin and Dwalin at the Battle of Azunbilzar {Moria}. Totally awkward...

Though these words are true that is not the point. Aragorn's "oh puhleeze" expression is the point.

And then there's Legolas Greenleaf. 
D says in the LOTR movies he was always making faces like this in the background.

What do you think is the weirdest screencap?

-Catch ya later-


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day Eighteen: Coolest Visual Effect

Okay, you remember that piano recital? I did fine, I don't think I messed up. But remind me to learn a more complicated piece next time. I memorized Sherlock, but my friend Zoey {who's younger then me} played the whole Pirates of the Caribbean theme from memory. She was great. And I made a mental vow to learn and memorize the theme by this time next year. It was so cool to watch her play it. But I'm learning Concerning Hobbits now, well, over the summer. I changed methods my second year in traditional piano, and now I'm learning a whole new method. But I still read notes moderately well. So I'm learning that. I already know/am memorizing Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold, so that's fun. But that one is pretty easy.

Now, on to visual effects.

One of my faves would definitely be Erebor. I mean, the massive-ness of the place is awesome. Nuff said.

The other awesome effect is the Blunt the Knives scene. LOL!

What's your favorite visual effect?

-Catch ya Later-


Friday, June 7, 2013

Day Seventeen: Elves {Willow} v.s. Dwarves (D)

Elves {Willow} v.s. Dwarves {D}

Willow: Elves are totally awesome! They're so tall and cool and move so...awesomely!

D: Is it awesome to leave a poor Dwarven nation without shelter after a dragon just attacked them?! I don't think so. Dwarves are strong (unlike Elves) and are majestic. There is only one majestic race, and they do not share their majesty.

Willow: Said the racist! [Note: we are not racists, this is referring to elves v.s. dwarves, nothing more. DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!]

D: Racist?! Who are you callin' racist?!

Willow: Never mind. But Thorin is stuck up and stubborn. He was so rude to Elrond. And his dwarves broke and BURNED their furniture!

D: Bah! Elrond has bad taste anyway.

Willow: This is gonna be a loooong post. He does not! I love Rivendell! I want to live there!

D: Well duh, you love it. You're rooting for the Elves.

Willow: It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure that out. I typed it at the beginning of the post.

D: Whatever! Let's talk more on Thorin's majesticness.

Willow: Whatev. Thorin could take some move-cool lessons from Thrunduil.

D: 'Cause he moves like an alien or bird or something?

Willow: He does not! He moves cool! Didn't you see the behind-the-scenes vid with Lee Pace {Thrunduil} and the movement coach {Terry Notary} ?

D: Who cares about that junk (other than elf-fanciers)!

Willow: Grow up, D.

D: Okay, so I think you guys get the picture. Willow is wrong and I'm right.

Willow: I beg to differ!

D: And besides, can Elves throw plates all around Bag End and not break one? No, I don't think so.

Willow: There's more to life than throwing plates. Like stopping the Necromancer. I noticed that no dwarveses were at the White Council, but two Elves were.

D: Dwarves don't take council from pagan wizards, like elves do. They are above that.

Willow: Gandalf helped lead the Quest, D. Remember? Thorin was out-majesting Gandalf?

D: That's beside the point.

Willow: I think that's enough for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

D: And make sure to check out my blog here!

-Catch ya later-

~Willow [and D]