Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ask Me // Q and A // Les Miserables is Awesome //

Hello again! Seems like forever since I've posted, and yet it was, like two/three days ago.

 I would like to do a Q&A post. Everyone, well, some people, seem to do it and it seems to work. But if there's a rude question or one that I wouldn't want to answer, I either will delete it or not answer it. Got it? So to you people who think it's funny to leave mean or gross comments, it will be deleted immediately. But I hope the rest of you ask fun questions that will be interesting to post about.


Onto my life so far in the two/three days I haven't posted.

Well, I'm sore on, like, every part of my body. You see, on Sunday, our church had a potluck picnic. And there was a thing called a game. A boys against girls game.

Actually, a girls and dads against boys game. The reason for that is because we have about twenty or so boys under twelve and about four over that and not yet an adult. And we also have a fair amount of girls, but not as many, and the littler girls didn't want to play.

So that meant that us older girls, ranging in age from about eleven to sixteen played the game.

Oh, yeah. The game is called "Bucket Baseball". There is a bucket and several plastic bats. Then one team selects a pitcher, for the girls it was Mr. C., for the boys it was Andrew {about 6 years old?} and then the pitcher tries to throw the ball into the bucket.

The batters try to hit the ball away from the bucket and if they hit the ball, they run the bases and get back in line while the next person on the team bats. If on your turn, the ball is either caught when you hit it or lands in the bucket, you're out. Sounds complicated? It's not really.

So two people were left. Mr H. and yours truly. So I had to run umpteen times around the bases. I could barely breath. Because Mr H. would hit the ball and run, then I'd have to hit it and run again. The only time I had less air than then was when we'd spent two hours at a trampoline park. And this time I'd been working out!

By the way, did I tell you that I love Les Miserables? D made me watch it 'cause I couldn't understand her references. I lurve it now. We even did a board on pinterest for it.

{Note: reference to movie in response}

~What's up with you?~

-Catch ya later-



  1. Hi Willow! The Q and A is a great idea! :) Here are my questions:

    1. What is your favorite color?
    2. What is your favorite food?
    3. Do you play any sports?
    4. What is your dream vacation?
    5. How many siblings do you have?
    6. Email or snail mail?


  2. Ooh, I have a question! It might be invading on your privacy a bit, so feel free not to answer it. I've always wondered if your real name is Willow, or if it's just a screen name? If it's a screen name, you don't have to tell what your real name is; I'm just curious. Willow is such a pretty name!
    Jessie (from My Thoughtful Spot; just using my mom's account)

  3. Wow that game sounds crazy!!! :)

    I like your blog! - Just found it! :D

    And some Q's are:
    What's your favorite movie?
    What's your favorite book?
    What music are you listening to (assuming you're listening to some at le moment)?
    Dogs or cats?
    What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    What's your favorite color?
    City or country?
    What do you do with your spare time?

    Okay...that was more than I thought thought....

    Have an awesome day!

    I'd love it if you gave my blog a look:


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