Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day Twenty Eight // Ents or Eagles // Happy Independence Day!

 Happy Independence Day!

Okay, who ever thought of forcing you to decide between Ents and Eagles. No idea there.

{Anyone know that John Rhys-Davies {Gimli} voiced Treebeard as well?}

Now don't you think that it'd be a lot simpler if the Eagles had flown the dwarves to the Lonely Mountain?  No comment.

Anyhow, I think I'd choose the Ents. Excepting the incident with the Entwives, they are pretty cool. Accept their insanely annoying slow speech. Arg.

Who do you like better?

-Catch ya later-


  1. Ahhhh such a hard decision, I love both!! But. I'm a hugemongous griffin fan, and the eagles reminded me of 'nuff said.

  2. Yes, I knew that. My dad was the one who told me. We were sitting down watching it and he told us (me and my sisters) to close our eyes and see if we recognised his voice. So we did. At first we thought it was Saruman (Christopher Lee), but the he told us who and we said "Oohh". :D

    Tough choice, but I'mmmmm.... going with the Eagles. <3


  3. Okay so I was watching the Hobbit yesterday and thought at the scene after the eagles have left them and Thorin and Co. are looking towards the lonely mountains,
    "The eagles should have just flown them there...I mean it probably only would have taken them half an hour." -. .- - -
    - V

    bwaaahaha *wipes away tear* then there'd be no movie of course they couldn't have.
    The Logic of LOTR Movie Watchers.


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