Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello? // Why are there only a few Questions? // Cool News!

It's not that I don't have questions. I got several. But I'd lurve more.


Okay, here's some help.

By the way, I think I'm going to start playing the lovely violin! My piano teacher let me try hers, to see if I would like the instrument, and I did. Though my arm started hurting for the five minutes I was holding the thing.

I already play the piano {the esteemed "Simply Music" method} and so I pretty much know notes {hey, I know the high notes. Violin's play high notes. This thing was made for me.} I'm a bit nervous though. You really have to get strong in your left arm {and your right arm come to think of it} and I know it might be a bit painful. But half the day yesterday I was dying to try to play by ear with the instrument, but I need to get one. Plu, for my piano, I get to learn lots of stuff from Les Miserables, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Hobbit! Fun, no?

So if you have any questions about anything {basically} just ask!

-Catch ya later-


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ask Me // Q and A // Les Miserables is Awesome //

Hello again! Seems like forever since I've posted, and yet it was, like two/three days ago.

 I would like to do a Q&A post. Everyone, well, some people, seem to do it and it seems to work. But if there's a rude question or one that I wouldn't want to answer, I either will delete it or not answer it. Got it? So to you people who think it's funny to leave mean or gross comments, it will be deleted immediately. But I hope the rest of you ask fun questions that will be interesting to post about.


Onto my life so far in the two/three days I haven't posted.

Well, I'm sore on, like, every part of my body. You see, on Sunday, our church had a potluck picnic. And there was a thing called a game. A boys against girls game.

Actually, a girls and dads against boys game. The reason for that is because we have about twenty or so boys under twelve and about four over that and not yet an adult. And we also have a fair amount of girls, but not as many, and the littler girls didn't want to play.

So that meant that us older girls, ranging in age from about eleven to sixteen played the game.

Oh, yeah. The game is called "Bucket Baseball". There is a bucket and several plastic bats. Then one team selects a pitcher, for the girls it was Mr. C., for the boys it was Andrew {about 6 years old?} and then the pitcher tries to throw the ball into the bucket.

The batters try to hit the ball away from the bucket and if they hit the ball, they run the bases and get back in line while the next person on the team bats. If on your turn, the ball is either caught when you hit it or lands in the bucket, you're out. Sounds complicated? It's not really.

So two people were left. Mr H. and yours truly. So I had to run umpteen times around the bases. I could barely breath. Because Mr H. would hit the ball and run, then I'd have to hit it and run again. The only time I had less air than then was when we'd spent two hours at a trampoline park. And this time I'd been working out!

By the way, did I tell you that I love Les Miserables? D made me watch it 'cause I couldn't understand her references. I lurve it now. We even did a board on pinterest for it.

{Note: reference to movie in response}

~What's up with you?~

-Catch ya later-


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day Thirty {!!!} // How You Got Into LOTR

How did I get into it?

My parents. My mom read us The Hobbit aloud about mid March, because we'd seen the Hobbit preview in theaters when we went to see the Avdentures of Tintin {3 times!}. Than by the end of summer we had read each LOTR book and seen the movie when we were done with the book.

We weren't experts immediately, it was gradual. But just to be clear we HATE all that magic stuff in it. I know it's supposed to be "magical" but still. We do not support any of the magic stuff and do not like that Simlirillian thing.

Okay, so that's it! Tomorrow I might/might not do a post about something in my life. Ramble about Sherlock and the Reichenbach Fall? Maybe a review or something. Maybe the fact that the Desolation of Smaug is taking waaaaaayyyy too long to get here. It wasn't like this with the Unexpected Journey. But we didn't know it would be so awesome. Sigh. Hobbit why come you no faster?

How did you get into LOTR?

-Catch ya later-


Friday, July 5, 2013

Day Twenty Nine // Your LOTR Collection

Ummmm.... my LOTR collection? Righto.

We have all of the DVDs, including the Hobbit Blu-Ray Combo pack.

D has lots of the LEGO LOTR/Hobbit stuffs.

D also has two Hobbit art-type books and a magazine.

[Note: Our picture!]

I have.... well, we both have the calender.

I know, not totally awesome.

But I will be getting Arwen's dress costume from Amazon this year {hopefully} and maybe the Evenstar.

Not sure though.

What's in your LOTR/Hobbit collection?

-Catch ya later-


{I can't look at that picture without laughing!}

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day Twenty Eight // Ents or Eagles // Happy Independence Day!

 Happy Independence Day!

Okay, who ever thought of forcing you to decide between Ents and Eagles. No idea there.

{Anyone know that John Rhys-Davies {Gimli} voiced Treebeard as well?}

Now don't you think that it'd be a lot simpler if the Eagles had flown the dwarves to the Lonely Mountain?  No comment.

Anyhow, I think I'd choose the Ents. Excepting the incident with the Entwives, they are pretty cool. Accept their insanely annoying slow speech. Arg.

Who do you like better?

-Catch ya later-

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Twenty Seven // Isenguard or Mordor

Is this a trick question? No idea. For me, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Mordor is super bad and Isenguard is not/as/bad.

As you can see below, this {I think} is a trading card. But who knows/who cares. In it you can see the Party Tree {Hobbiton} Minas Tirith, Sauron's tower thingy and Orthanc {the tower of Isenguard}. And this pictures here's because I can't find any good ones of Isenguard/Mordor in our pinterest boards. I know right? Silly? No comment.
   So once this challenge is over I am planning on reviewing Les Miserables. And maybe Sherlock. The Reichenbach Fall is coming from Netflix today, btw. We {D & I} are really excited. But not about the previews beforehand. Did you know that Aidan Turner {Kili} is in a creepy BBC show called Being Human? He's a vampire {no, I'm not kidding}. He comes onto the screen wearing a pink t-shirt and an Aragorn-style hairo. Please just kill me now. We saw the DVD set at Costco. He was *ahem* snarling-like at the camera. I nearly freaked out with creeped-out-ness right there in the DVD isle. *Ugh* So don't watch the preview. My dad said that they threw blood at the camera. Ooo, fun, right? [Note: I am being sarcastic. I hate vampires/werewolves and the like] Okay, I am so done with this topic.

-Catch ya later-


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day Twenty Six // Favorite Larger-than-life Foe

Not that I completely know what that is...

But I chose Saruman. Ugh, I hate despise him with vigor. *Shudder*

And lo and behold on pinterest, D and I don't have any photographs of him. Not a surprise, but whatever. So here are some "funnies" of Saruman since I couldn't find any "serious" ones.

-Catch ya later-