Sunday, August 16, 2015

Le Play

"Her name is Lola!"

   So it was said of my character in our Patch the Pirate play known as Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle. Yours truly was cast originally as a sleepy male lion named Leo with only two lines, but then was expanded upon and renamed to Lola, and given about six lines.

   I was excited when we were told that us animals {a chimp, zebra, and warthog along with me} were going to have special makeup. All of the others in the cast were given blush {which looks rather strange, everyone had very pink cheeks that night!} but my friend Emily were given a total makeover.

   Here she is! She was first in line for the makeup chair {i.e. a stool in our church's kitchen} and she looks really cute!

   I was second in the makeup chair and was "made up" by the sister of the makeup lady. Everyone kept glancing at my face and smiling. It took about an hour for my makeup to be applied, and then an extra ten minutes for touch-ups!
Some of the really little kids were a tad frightened, I think little Fina was still apprehensive by the time we left to go home :) But little Julia and little Clara kept giggling when I'd tickle them with my tail and say "you're the lion" or "you look like a cat!". It was very cute.

   Zulu the Zebra and Lola the Lion! A little girl wrote later that she liked how we and our elephant friend interacted! I was pleased! Emily also did my hair, which is a variation of Lindsey Stirling's "peacock" hairstyle, but we had less time, and no mirror. She did crazy loop things in the back instead :) 

   Of course we had to stick a derp photo in there!
   The play was tons of fun, and tons of work! But I got to know some of the kids a lot better, which was a privilege :)

Like my lion face?