Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Twenty Seven // Isenguard or Mordor

Is this a trick question? No idea. For me, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Mordor is super bad and Isenguard is not/as/bad.

As you can see below, this {I think} is a trading card. But who knows/who cares. In it you can see the Party Tree {Hobbiton} Minas Tirith, Sauron's tower thingy and Orthanc {the tower of Isenguard}. And this pictures here's because I can't find any good ones of Isenguard/Mordor in our pinterest boards. I know right? Silly? No comment.
   So once this challenge is over I am planning on reviewing Les Miserables. And maybe Sherlock. The Reichenbach Fall is coming from Netflix today, btw. We {D & I} are really excited. But not about the previews beforehand. Did you know that Aidan Turner {Kili} is in a creepy BBC show called Being Human? He's a vampire {no, I'm not kidding}. He comes onto the screen wearing a pink t-shirt and an Aragorn-style hairo. Please just kill me now. We saw the DVD set at Costco. He was *ahem* snarling-like at the camera. I nearly freaked out with creeped-out-ness right there in the DVD isle. *Ugh* So don't watch the preview. My dad said that they threw blood at the camera. Ooo, fun, right? [Note: I am being sarcastic. I hate vampires/werewolves and the like] Okay, I am so done with this topic.

-Catch ya later-



  1. Mm-hmm. You keep taking the words right out of my mouth. All. the. time. Anyway, I love you, Willow!! :D


  2. Yeah, you're totally right. Mordor is wayyyyyy creepier!!

    Oh my word. I hate all of those vampire movies. They are SO creepy!!!


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