Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Hate Computers


 I hate computers with a hot hot hate.

    Okay, not really. With no computer I'd have no blogs, no way to keep up with faraway friends, and no pinterest! The horror!

   Translation - Our computer got fried last Sunday. The power went out for like a 1/2 hour in the morning and probably killed it. It was kinda old anyways, but now the idiot thing won't turn on. So now I gotta do any pinning/blogging on my dad's laptop.

   And I can't work on my book Friends and Enemies {which you can read here} without the stupid computer. Arg.
   Also, I can't upload any pictures. So that means no new photos of my dollz on my doll blog. Life.

   But if you leave a comment, I can still read it because we have our tablet. But we can't pin on it and it takes an eternity and a half to write an email, much less a book chapter.

   Also, though, I am looking so much forward to the DOS premier {that we will probably see the Monday after} that I'm doing my hair in dwarvish/elvish/hobbitish styles every day for these about two weeks. On Sunday I went elaborate, about five braids. Yesterday was simple. Today slightly more complex.

   What I'm also looking forward to is that our super-close friends Ammelia and Catherine will probably hang with us for the weekend when it comes out, and we'll go see it together! I hopehopehopehope!!! They moved a long way from us, so instead of seeing them about once a week at the least, once every two months is lucky.

   I've got a violin!Well, actually, it' not mine, It's borrowed from my probably-soon-to-be-teacher. So I've been trying to work on learning the chords. My piano teacher used to play the violin too, so she helped me a little.

   I love Duck Dynasty! I will post more on it later, but hey, it rocks, Jack!

   Okay, it's late, I gotta get off. I'm thankful for all you guys. You rock.



  1. have you seen the desolation of smaug yet? •-•

    1. Yessshhhhh... I did :) D and I will be posting a review as soon as we can!

  2. well someone must have positively & creatively inspired me! you've been nominated:


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