Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Human Race is Saved!!

   Jubilation in the streets!! Hallelujah!

   Wait, what? What am I so happy about? Oops, I didn't tell you, did I?

   Well, it went something like this;

   D had a cold on Choir Day, so I was going in alone. It was raining. A.k.a. no one's going to stand out there in the dripping rain to talk, so everybody would be inside, presumably listening to the ten-to-twelve-year-olds practice for the concert. But a couple of guys were loitering in front of the door.
   "Oh, great." I thought to myself as I bade Mom farewell and hopped out of our light blue Hyundai. "This is going to be awkward." I sucked in my breath and marched through the light drizzle up to the door.
   Then, wonder of wonders! One of the guys moved so that I could enter and opened the door for me. I was {basically} stunned! I said a quick thank you and hustled in out of the rain.
   I mean, wow! I though that most of the gentlemen were gone! Turns out I was wrong. And for the record, those guys were not my friends, or my friend's brothers. They were basically strangers opening a door for a young lady who technically could do it herself. I was amazed.
   But of course, these were homeschoolers, so I wasn't that surprised. Homeschooled guys are the only hope for Guykind, in my honest opinion. They are the type of guys who actually say "excuse me" if they bump into you or step in front of you during the rush to the seats right before class starts for choir.
   Most guys you see walking around wear their pants somewhere in the vicinity of their knees, and curse freely, never opening a door for Girlkind in their lives.
    So to the guys who open doors for girls, say excuse me, and are polite, regardless if you are homeschooled or not, I applaud you. Keep up the good work!

   I know it's a selfie, but I'm not making a duck face {oh please no!} so you should be grateful :)



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  1. Wow haha that's awesome! :D I think the only time a public schooled guy opened the door for me was when I was on crutches... yeah. (At least that I can think of.)


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