Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Camera // Vacation // Photos!

There's me going as we head towards vacation. D obs took this snapshot.

We visited the lovely town of Canon Beach, Oregon. This was taken at the Maritime Museum about a half an hour from Canon Beach.

From the left is Dad, D, then me. And obviously Mom took this shot. 
This was a canon at Fort Stevens, the only fort on US soil to be fired upon {in a sub} in WWII.

And then there's D!! Hi D! Here I made her point out to sea. Or did she do that on her own...?

There's me setting up Emilie and Molly for a shot. 
D says it looks like Em is throwing up and Molls is freaking out. No comment.

And just as a bonus, they always do these signs wrong. It totes should be "You Shall Not Pass". Obs.

So that was our vacation folks! 
If you ever visit the lovely town of Canon Beach, you will probably enjoy it. It was quite pleasant. 
But definitely go visit Fort Stevens. It was the coolest part of the vacation. It was epic.


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  1. It looks like you guys had fun!
    btw I tagged you over at my blog - Mary's Moment


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