Monday, January 20, 2014

#See You At the Super Bowl

   I can probably assume that none of you guys reading this blog had a stress attack while watching the NFC Championship Game?

   Thought so ;)

   Well, living in the Pacific Northwest, I was pretty young the last time the Seahawks were at the Super Bowl.

   And the 49ers went last year {and lost, but that's beside the point}.

   The Seahawks went 9 years ago. {NINE}. That's almost a decade!


   And now we're going!!! YESH!!!


   [Note: Now I will ramble about football and players in a way that may not make sense unless you do football]

   So when Colin Kaepernick {49er's quarterback} threw the last Hail Mary {I think it was a hail mary at least} #25 Richard Sherman batted it away, and my Dad shouted, I screamed, and I think my Mom and D were in there shrieking too.

   Ohmygrief. Here's how we all felt adghuilaeyhiwlahdklghiulsaghlaeruifhyierulagyduilvhdyhfiglahiugveagdgyeruil!!!

   We are going to the Super Bowl. We are going to the Super Bowl. Ohmaha. Be afraid of us, Denver! Peyton Manning! DThomas!


   Go Hawks.

   If you'd like to see more pins with the Seahawks, see my pinterest board, Bring on the #12.

   See you at the Super Bowl.


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  1. Man. I was just about to join this blog till I learned you like the same Seahawks who kicked my Broncos' bum. ;) Oh well. If I can just ignore the fact then I'll join. Love the name by the way, I just started a book and the MC's name is Willow.


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