Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day Eighteen: Coolest Visual Effect

Okay, you remember that piano recital? I did fine, I don't think I messed up. But remind me to learn a more complicated piece next time. I memorized Sherlock, but my friend Zoey {who's younger then me} played the whole Pirates of the Caribbean theme from memory. She was great. And I made a mental vow to learn and memorize the theme by this time next year. It was so cool to watch her play it. But I'm learning Concerning Hobbits now, well, over the summer. I changed methods my second year in traditional piano, and now I'm learning a whole new method. But I still read notes moderately well. So I'm learning that. I already know/am memorizing Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold, so that's fun. But that one is pretty easy.

Now, on to visual effects.

One of my faves would definitely be Erebor. I mean, the massive-ness of the place is awesome. Nuff said.

The other awesome effect is the Blunt the Knives scene. LOL!

What's your favorite visual effect?

-Catch ya Later-



  1. Erebor is breathtaking!! It's so incredibly beautiful. I. LOVE. it. •-• Plus I just can't wait to see it again in Decemeber!! :D
    Oh, I'm not very good at picking favorites, but I reeeaaalllly like how they made Lothlorien look. (Can I move there? Please?)


  2. That's so cool about u playing the Sherlock theme! Luv that song! And that's so neat that your friend played pirates of the Carribean cause that is what I played for my last recital =D


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