Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day Fourteen: Favorite Outfit

I'm pleased to type that this one wasn't very hard for me, as I already know my favorite outfit.

I love this dress so much! 

You can actually get one one Amazon for under $100.

Note: The girl second from the left is Peter Jackson's daughter, 
who was the gasping Hobbit child at Bilbo's Party in the Fellowship of the Ring.

You can get this custom made for you from Amazon.

This one's cute too:)

[Just for fun!]


Tomorrow's the favorite armor day, so that's why there's no armor here.

-Catch ya later-



  1. Impossible to pick ONE favorite outfit, so I'll just go with the one Galadriel wears in The Hobbit. It's gorgeous!!! ♥

    xo Leslie Violet

    1. I know, so hard! I like that dress too, but I think the dress fabric looks kinda modern-ish. Still pretty though :)

    2. True, it is. That was my first impression...the fabric coudld've been better. But overall it was quite pretty, like you said! :)


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