Friday, June 7, 2013

Day Seventeen: Elves {Willow} v.s. Dwarves (D)

Elves {Willow} v.s. Dwarves {D}

Willow: Elves are totally awesome! They're so tall and cool and move so...awesomely!

D: Is it awesome to leave a poor Dwarven nation without shelter after a dragon just attacked them?! I don't think so. Dwarves are strong (unlike Elves) and are majestic. There is only one majestic race, and they do not share their majesty.

Willow: Said the racist! [Note: we are not racists, this is referring to elves v.s. dwarves, nothing more. DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!]

D: Racist?! Who are you callin' racist?!

Willow: Never mind. But Thorin is stuck up and stubborn. He was so rude to Elrond. And his dwarves broke and BURNED their furniture!

D: Bah! Elrond has bad taste anyway.

Willow: This is gonna be a loooong post. He does not! I love Rivendell! I want to live there!

D: Well duh, you love it. You're rooting for the Elves.

Willow: It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure that out. I typed it at the beginning of the post.

D: Whatever! Let's talk more on Thorin's majesticness.

Willow: Whatev. Thorin could take some move-cool lessons from Thrunduil.

D: 'Cause he moves like an alien or bird or something?

Willow: He does not! He moves cool! Didn't you see the behind-the-scenes vid with Lee Pace {Thrunduil} and the movement coach {Terry Notary} ?

D: Who cares about that junk (other than elf-fanciers)!

Willow: Grow up, D.

D: Okay, so I think you guys get the picture. Willow is wrong and I'm right.

Willow: I beg to differ!

D: And besides, can Elves throw plates all around Bag End and not break one? No, I don't think so.

Willow: There's more to life than throwing plates. Like stopping the Necromancer. I noticed that no dwarveses were at the White Council, but two Elves were.

D: Dwarves don't take council from pagan wizards, like elves do. They are above that.

Willow: Gandalf helped lead the Quest, D. Remember? Thorin was out-majesting Gandalf?

D: That's beside the point.

Willow: I think that's enough for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

D: And make sure to check out my blog here!

-Catch ya later-

~Willow [and D]


  1. Willow: I agree 100% with you. On everything you said. Elves are fabulous. ♥ (Go Legolas!! And Thranduil...and etc.)

    Darrion: It's true! Dwarves are majestic. And the'yre also my second favorite race. (Go Kili!! And Fili, Thorin...etc.)

    My answer? ({Elves or Dwarves}) BOTH. ♥♥♥ (Go Legolas and Gimli's friendship!) •-• By the way, I loved this post. You two are HilAriOuS!


  2. I'm a Dwarf, so, naturally, I would side with D. In favor of Dwarves. But Elves are pretty cool too. :)



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