Monday, February 21, 2011

Hi It's Me!

Hi everyone! Thank you for following. You might like some information about me. Here are ten facts:

1. My name is Willow K.

2. I am a Star Wars fan, I just don't like Revenge of the Sith(bleh).

3. I have 6 AG dolls, 5 ALOF dolls & a few other types.

4. I also like Narnia.

5. I collect Star Wars Padme` Amidala action figures.

6. I am on Picasa Web Albums.

7. I like Ninja's ;)

8. I have two other blogs The Force Sensitive Dolls & A Spy's Life of Jess, Ivy & Melissa.

9. I know tons of Star Wars facts! Ask me anything(though I might not know it:)

10. I like bacon(yes I am VERY desperate!)



Willow K.


  1. I know tons of Star Wars facts as well. I do lots of research on it. My favorite characters are Princess Leia, Padme` Amidala, and Qui-Gon Jinn. is a good place to do Star Wars research.

  2. Hi, Willow! I just found your site from my Picasa (I'm Hannah A) and so I thought I'd check it out. :) I like the name! Great site!


  3. Hey Willow! I just found this like Hannah did on Picasa! It's great so far!
    Victoria Rose (AKA Jellybeans 75)

  4. Hiya Willow! :)

    It's Leah from Picasa. Ditto to Victoria and Hannah, just found your blog. The name is SO cool! I can't wait to see more posts! :)

    ~Leanna {Leah}

  5. Hey Willow! Beckie can't wait to have a commment pal know who on picasa!

  6. Thanks for the 10 facts about you! I really like #10! It was silly! :P
    You Know Who! ~


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