Friday, May 4, 2012

Assembling..... Please Wait.... Until it comes out on DVD....

Humph. Yeas, you read right. I am not seeing the Avenger movie in theaters. I actually knew that before the reviews came out, because of the cussing & other nasty elements. But still, I hoped. I hoped that it would be as clean as Captain America was. But I hoped in vain. Humphry. 
 On a lighter note, here is a part of an Avengers review from It is quite comical.

"Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.{I already knew that}

Take Loki, pale-faced exile from the far-away world of Asgard.
{Senses not-good-ness} If you saw him walking down the sidewalk with his horned helmet and glowing spear of doom, chances are you'd nudge your neighbor and say, "He looks like trouble."{duh}And that's if you are safely tucked away in café booth where he can't see you. If you're walking toward him, you might cross (quickly) to the other side of the street.{uh, again, duh}

Now, we all know jumping to these sorts of conclusions isn't entirely fair.
{who cares, he's evil} There are plenty of reasonable explanations as to why someone might wear horned headgear and brandish dangerous weaponry{Like what?}. Perhaps he's attending a costume party{Yeah right}. Perhaps he's an accountant who just wants to liven things up at the office{Really?}. Perhaps he's a rich, ageless, eccentric Viking who's been looking for his longboat the last 1,200 years.{Uhhh, right}

But this is Loki we're talking about. Even when we saw him last, in 2011's Thor, the dude was up to no good. And if anything, he's just torqued up the crazy since then.
{Times like, one thousand million trillion!}

His first act as an Earth tourist is to kill a whole bunch of people and destroy a massive government complex.
{Quite an accomplishment there, Loki} And when one brave soul tries to tell him that we earthlings don't want to quarrel,{poor soul} Loki says, "An ant has no quarrel with a boot."{Joy}  Clearly, the guy could stand to read a self-help book or something.{Or sixty} Maybe Proactive Leadership 101 or Making Friends for Dummies.

Loki's not here to make friends, though.
{That's a major understatement} He's here to humiliate his brother, Thor, crush our small planet under his iron heel and cause as much pain and suffering as he can{sounds fun}—just 'cause he's that type of guy. And to help him do it, he's bringing along an extraterrestrial army.{Now, we had to get aliens in here sometime, didn't we?}

It looks like we don't stand a chance. Why, even a superhero couldn't deal with this sort of threat.

Well, maybe not one. But how about six?" 

I find that highly amusing:) I just hope Loki doesn't kill any of the Avengers. He'd better not.
 Here is more of the review:
Black Widow tells Captain America that Thor and Loki are "basically gods."

Even so, Cap adds another addendum. "There's only one God," he tells her, "and I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress like that." 

Don't you want to just hug Stevie for that comment? Well, I did.



  1. I know! I was so proud of Cap for saying that! We watched it in theaters yesterday. There's actually less cuss-words than I thought there would be.
    (Sorry, I just had to say that)
    It's a great movie, you definitely won't be disappointed. :)

  2. Awesome! I know, I can't wait!

  3. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!! Captian America - when we first watched the movie - was my FAVORITE superhero! I knew he has a good guy! Yeah.... I do want to hug him! I LOVE the nickname you gave Cap, Willow! Stevie<3
    I don't like that they put bad word in the movies you want to watch most!!!

    My brother asked if I knew the story-line... Yup, bad guys come, good guys ASSEMBLE, they beat bad guys:-D

    I can't wait till I can see the movie!!!

  4. Constence: Thanks:) My sis thought of it.

  5. Hey! Did you add the little "()" thingies? Like did you write in those or did they? Just curious.. Thanks! And I'm glad you are so excited about it! My brother is hoping to go see it in theaters.. :)

  6. MajorAGFan: Yess I added the {}s, but not the (). There was one in the PluggedIn review that is not mine. Cool! I kinda wish I could too:)

  7. I was wondering if you could guest post on my blog

    --Rachel S

  8. Rachel: That sounds fun! Which blog, though?

  9. I really want to see Captain America!! My Mom said we might not be able to because of the violence. ;( But some of my friends say it isn't very violent! What did you think of it?


    P.S. I'm a new follower, I love your blog so much!!

  10. Hannah: Hmmm.. That's a toughie. I, personally, loved Captain America. It is violent, as in you: See{and almost see}people die, by getting stuff dropped on them{eww!}, to getting shot, to using a suicide pill in a tooth{then saying, Heil Hydra! Not good!} to getting, well, dissolved by some kind of shot ray thing. You also hear several swear words, most either muttered{but you can still hear it}or said in a not super loud voice. There is also some blood, not too much. If you have Clearplay I would definitely watch it on there.

    Thank you for the complement! It's very much appreciated:)


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