Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching Up

 I know I've neglected this blog for months, but please hear me out.

I won AGC {American Girl Contest}, with Josefina. I'm hosting it now:)

I joined Pinterest and love it. Here's the link to my account:

I've been trying to make headers for my new story blog, The Call.

I'm actually using a different one, 
one that D made on Picmonkey.

Here's another story I'm working on,

{If you've ever watched the Star Wars The Clone Wars TV series, this is based loosely on that. But because the Citadel episodes were creepy and too violent, this redeems it, so to speak}

The only sound was the chilly, stale air whistling over the grey jagged rocks.
 The only thing that interrupted that sound was the soft crunching of boots on stray pebbles.
 The black-clad girl slid the long, curving sniper rifle off of her shoulder and settled it on a small boulder, hidden in the thick fog.
 "I don't see anything," the clone-sized commando droid stated into his comm-link.
 "Try your body-heat scanners." Whomever was on the other end of the comm ordered.
 "Roger, roger." The commando's mechanical voice replied flatly.
  The girl leaned forward, her shoulder pressing to the end of the rifle, her eye searching the small aiming glass atop the rifle.
 The commando pressed a small button on his arm. "Body-heat scanning," he stated to no one in particular.
  He came into sight on the aiming glass. The click of the trigger reached only the ears of the one who pulled it.
 Click. The tiny dart struck the droid easily on his chest, precisely in the center of the small circle of red light.
 The droid stood perfectly still for a moment. A voice spoke in the ear of the sniper...

And that was what I've been doing. 

If you want to see my story blog, please please ask. It's much more encouraging to know someone is interested, instead of nothing at all. 


  1. WILLOW!!!! I have missed you sooooooo much!! So glad that you've posted again. You guys got a new blog?!?! I'm SO checking it out!!!!!!! :) You should get a button, and then I could put it on my blog!! (I can make you one, if you wanted...) I LOVE the fonts that you used!! You got those off PicMonkey?? So awesome!!
    Talk to ya later! ;)

  2. :) Yes, we do. We don't have much on it yet, and haven't publishized it yet... I will work on a button, I'm not sure how to go about it though. Only the Book 'The Call' header font is from Picmonkey, the others are from Picnik:)

    1. Awesome! Is Picnik free? (sorry, I don't know it... =P)

    2. It used to be {and you could get a better membership} but then they quit, and now do 'Creative Kit' on Picasa.


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