Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Year in Review + What is to Come

I know this isn't 2014, but in December of that year, the Monday after the DOS came out, D, our friends Ammelia and Billie and I went to the see the movie, dressed up. I went as Tauriel {and regretted it!} but you can see how much I look different 12 short months ago when I was 16.

I'd gotten a purity ring for my birthday in 2013, but never had it sized properly for my little fingers {I don't have super skinny fingers but I do have short ones} and then I finally did.
I chose this one because of the hearts, and the fact that it reminds me of the Arkenstone from the Hobbit.

Here's my height compared to Isabelle's at the American Girl B&B. I'm only 5'2", but you can see how tiny that little ten year old is! A twelve year old at my church said how nice it must be to be so tall, I laughed, because I'm the shortest in the "older girls" group, besides my friend Kate, who's just about my height or a smidge smaller.

We also began art in the beginning of the school year in 2013, and this is me tweaking a tea cup sketch before watercoloring.

We were in a play in April, the week before I got my braces {eek!} and my friend Jenny, D and I were cast as Southern Belles. I'd had my eye on an Alice in Wonderland gown that was on Party City, but I couldn't justify buying it! So for the play, my mom bought it, along with some Kidd boots off Amazon.

From the left, D as Darla, Jenny as Patsy and me as Roberta!
We had a total of about three lines each, and a song at the beginning of the play. Unfortunately, one of the main characters gave me a cold, so I was sniffling for most of the 1 week practice! Happily, I was equipped with a handkerchief, as every proper lady should!

Before braces! This photo was taken mere hours before I had all of my metal work done. We actually went to see the Winter Soldier right after that. Let me tell you, my teeth HURT! I was rocking back and forth in my theater seat because of the teeth pain!

D would kill me if I didn't give her credit, but mah little sis snapped this shot at the pass, and you can see my braces! I've got red and blue bands {for Independence Day} and you can also see my short locks!

Speaking of locks... Eek! And after the braces came the hair! I'd been growing my then about mid waist/getting towards hip-length hair for about 2 years, with various trim lengths and even layering about six months beforehand. This photo has my hair wet, by the way.

Yup, there went mah hair! I was going to get it chin length, but it ended up being a little long because our hairdresser, Bonnie said that my face shape/jaw shape wouldn't look very good with that length, so it became longer.

The end of August brought back Doctor Who! D and I dressed properly for the occasion! Sadly, we were rather disappointed with the 8th season, even though I own many of the screen accurate garb that Clara wore throughout that season :)

September brought D to the fair, which also meant I had to go. She had been offered to do a drawing demo thing at the fair, and so that meant we all went there. Let me get this straight, I hate fairs. It's really hot, the food tastes like dirt {besides the scones!!} the teenagers are really irritating and the children run wild. I told D to make sure that someday, when my future gentlemen friend asks me to marry him, he doesn't ask me at a fair :)

October brought our friends Ammelia and Billie from a long ways away {their house} ! I REGRET NOTHING!! Ammie, if you see this, I regret nothing :) Anyway, we also started helping at the Awana program at our church, and they have lots of fun themes for each night, and this photo is from the theme "Crazy Hair Night". Mine's covered in glitter hair spray, and Ammie's is so long she just twistied it. D had hears all curled like Raina's from AOS.

November came along, and then DISNEYLAND, BABY! And better yet, they have lots of Avengers stuff at the "Innovations" place there. I call this photo *fangirling* because that's what I'm basically doing :) That is a legit Iron Man suit, there were about 10 in all in that area. I plan to do a more detailed post with excerpts from my journal, which best describes the experience.

December, well, was a rather quiet month. Our choir concert was on a Monday, and a week earlier than when we usually do it. D was ill so it took a while for us to go get our tree {we usually get it the day after Thanksgiving}. I, D and our friends Kate and Jenny sang three songs for the senior luncheon that D, Mom and I help at. It didn't really feel like Christmas, though, which was sad to me. I still love Christmastide, and I hope to make it more memorable this coming year. Maybe it was because we saw BOFA the day before it was released here {a Tuesday} and the sadness of it made my heart melancholy. Who knows?

What Is To Come

I hope to write more on this blog, and write how I honestly feel about things. I hope to be able to look back on this and smile, whatever is to come.



  1. Hey, I got a purity ring this Christmas! Oh, I just had a tooth pulled and after the numbness wore off...*OUCH!!!* I couldn't go to sleep one night because of the other words...I know how the pain feels. Love the last picture...very movie poster worthy=D

    1. Cool! And yeah, I actually had two teeth extracted {I think I wrote about it on The Call but not on here} so, yeah, it really hurts :) Thanks, D took it :)

    2. Well, tell Darrion good job for taking' that awesome picture:) And good job to you for being so epic=D *oh yeah* :)


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