Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review Requests?

Aloha! I am really getting into the summer mood! Let's break out in sundresses & sunglasses! Woohoo!

But I'm not here to blog about that, now am I?

Ok, here are the movies I intend to review:

Courageous{on fave movie list!}

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol{love it!}

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring & The Two Towers

The Avengers{when it comes out on DVD}

Mirror Mirror{when it comes out on DVD, 
I saw it in theaters but forget most of it:}

Pirates of the Caribbean

Iron Man{1 & 2}

Captain America


Aliens in the Attic


National Treasure{both}

Any others that you can think of? Or that you are wondering about? Just comment:)


I've watched most of these movies on Clearplay, and recommend you do as well.


  1. I totally loved the Avengers. And I'm not even a Marvel fan.
    I saw it at the theater, and there's a part where Iron Man says "son of a b-word!"
    I was like, WHAT?!?! You just don't curse in a Disney movie!
    Otherwise it was awesome.
    I love Black Widow, Hawkeye (archery!) and Loki (he's funny). Also I like Iron Man.

  2. Well, Avengers is out. :) Avatar was my first PG13 movie in theaters! Woot! And Ghost Protocol is awesome. How can you have Hawkeye in it and NOT be awesome? LOL :)

  3. Elizabeth: So cool! I know, I don't get why they swear in Disney movies either.

    Spicemuffin: I meant on DVD, my bad:) I know! Ghost Protocol was sooo awesome! And Hawkeye was so awesome too!


  4. Also, I am a HUGE fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.
    I love Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp.
    Do you know Depp turned 49 on June 9th? Wahhhhhhhhh, he's old! (ish!)

  5. Cool! I'm not that much of a fan of Johnny Depp, but I do like Orlando Bloom as Will{hey, he's Legolas in LOTR}. But I do like him a TON as Jack Sparrow:) He's is so funny!


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