Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day Three: Favorite Character

This is kinda hard. I mean, I have lots of favorite characters!

Lets just make a list of my favorite "races"

Elf: Arwen

Dwarf: Fili

Human: Faramir

Hobbit: Samwise

favorite other human: Eomer

Who are your favorite characters?




  1. Oooh, so tough. My favorite character(s) are Samwise, Merry and Pippin, Arwen, and Aragorn. In the Hobbit, Fili and Kili for dwarves.

  2. My favorite even harder to pick than my favorite LOTR/ Hobbit film! :3 In the end though, I would probably have to say Kili, Fili and ...Legolas (you have to have at least one Elf, right?). Even though there are many other just as fantastic characters in the films!! :)

    xo Leslie Violet

  3. haha...hahahaha :D Love that last one...made me smile:) GO SAM!! lol =D

  4. Eeep! Faramir and Samwise!!!!!! They are my favorite of favorites!


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