Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day Twelve: Favorite Location

Hi there again!

Today I am assigned to speak about my favorite location.

I'm assuming wherever in Middle-earth so...

Yeah, Rivendell. {by the way, you'll notice here that Fili is not played by the same actor}

The reason Rivendell is my favorite place is because I love elves {woohoo!} 
and The Last Homely House is so beautiful and peaceful.

You can't help but notice how nice the elves are to Thorin and Co. 
I mean, they give them food, a room, advice {all for free!}.

My other favorite place is the Shire. We just watched a Production Video about it last night, 
and it makes me want to go to New Zealand.

-Catch you later-



  1. Lothlórien is my favorite location in Middle-Earth, with Rivendell at a close second. Any home of the Elves sounds good to me! :)

    Oh yes, to go to NZ...that would be a very big dream come true! *someday*

    xo Leslie Violet

  2. Rivendell and the Shire are my favorite places, too.


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