Monday, May 20, 2013

Day Two of the LOTR/Hobbit Challenge: Favorite Battle

For the record, I couldn't find like, any Pinterest pics of the battle of Helms Deep a.k.a. my favorite battle.

I actually thought Aragorn was taking a snooze here when I first saw the scene.

But as a quick trivia: did you know that Arwen was supposed to go to Helms Deep in the movie? But they cut it out. I mean seriously? Can you imagine pleasant faced Arwen taking a swing with her curved sword thing at a uruk-hai?

Her dress reminds me of a dress Padme from Star Wars might wear.

See how nice and pleasant she looks?




  1. Wow we have a lot in common...the battle of Helm's Deep is my favorite one, too! Oh and yes I did know that Arwen was supposed to fight; it would've been a little strange to see her fighting, though.

    1. Cool! I know, I think so too. I mean "Look out orc! It's Lady Arwen!" doesn't seem quite right.

  2. haha that's funny. :D This is me: "Why on earth is Aragorn on the... OH." =D Wow... I don't think I would've wanted Arwen there. =P


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