Tuesday, April 3, 2012

About Captain America, the First Avenger

Now, for one of my favorite Avengers,
                        Captain America!
My dad took my sister{Darrion}and I to see it in theaters. It's the only Avenger movie we have seen in the theater. I was surprised that it was really clean, i.e., hardly any swear words, hardly any kissing, gross parts, disturbing parts, etc. It is also my favorite Avenger movie, period.

Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers, i.e. Captain America. You might remember Mr. Evans as Johnny in The Fantastic Four? Anyone? Ok, never mind again. Anyway, Steve is a pleasant young man, in WWII, though he is like two head shorter than most guys. And way skinnier. My dad, sister and I get tons of laughs whenever anyone says 'Someone get that guy a sandwich' or 'If you stick a needle in him it'll go right through!' Quite comical, because Chris had to have a body double for Mr. Tiny-Steve.
 Anyway, Stevie is a courageous young man, who keeps getting rejected from the army because he is not strong, or i.e. a weakling. He finally gets chosen by a good German army doctor, who thinks that he will make a great army dude. German Doctor is played by the guy who played the bad guy in 'Kit Kittredge'. He has a great accent. Anyway, at Military camp, Stevie is smart, and kind. When the Tough army guy{i.e. K from Men in Black}throws a fake grenade into their training, he throws himself on top of it. It's one of my favorite parts. Then Tough Army Guy says 'He's still skinny'. But Beautiful Army Girl notices. She's British, and very cute. Stevie, of course, like her.

                             Here they are when Stevie is taller.

So, then Stevie is taken to a secret army base in the US, then injected with some cool serum thing that enhances him. I mean, now he's got muscles. And he's bigger. Then an evil spy from Hydra{Hitler's mad scientist wing}shoots German Doctor, which is a sad scene as he dies, he points at Stevie's chest, indicating that he is proud of him. It almost makes me cry.  

Stevie is now much stronger, but is not used for combat. Not fun for Stevie. So Beautiful Army Girl offers to help him go save his best friend{we see Best Friend earlier in the movie, too}from Hydra.

Please remove your hat, Mr. Rogers. It is not a cool hat. Beautiful Army Girl should've set you straight on that. Anyway, he saves Best Friend. But then..... ok I gotta stop now. It's a secret. But it is a great movie, lots of action, a touch of romance, a great storyline, plus a great ending.
P.S. Yes, Steve and Beautiful Army Girl do eventually kiss.


  1. Hey, same here! We watched this movie in theaters, and it's the only Avenger movie we've seen in theaters. :) A lot of people think Captain America is annoying, or just plain hate the movie. I love Captain America! But then, I also love Tony Stark and Thor. :)

  2. Yeah, me as well:) Stevie is SO my fave Avenger. He's more, er, innocent then the rest. Probably because he's from the '40s.

  3. Yeah, that probably is so. Kinda makes you want to live in the 40's. :) Seems like people were nicer back then! Better ethics. :)

  4. Totally. I think that every time I watch Captain America:)

  5. *Sigh* I absolutely LOVE Captain America! It is so good. :)



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