Tuesday, April 3, 2012

About Thor the Avenger

Yes! The Avengers movie is coming! May 4th! Hey, did anyone notice that it's the same day as 'May the 4th Be with You' for Star Wars? Anyone? Ok, never mind:)
 But after searching for some photos, I finally found some of some of the Avengers. I will also explain some of what happens in the movies, and I'll try not to spoil it, k? Here we go.

Thor is based a lot on some Nordic{I think}myths. Except that in the movie Thor is not actually a 'god'. He's a prince about to get a really cool mallet-hammer-type thing.

There we go! He also at times wears an awesome red cape. But because he is a spoiled brat, and after an unfortunate mishap with an evil ice giant, he gets sent to Earth to get some character into his head. Now, his younger brother wants to be king.

Loki. *Shudder* To say that I don't like him is a major understatement. *Ugh*. Anyway, he tried to take over. He's the, er, 'god' of mischief and magic. Great I know.
               Doesn't he look slimy? And kinda 'snake-like'?

 Poor Thor. And Jane. That would be Natalie Portman. She's kind of awkward with Thor. I mean, just, yeah. Awkward. She's a scientist who ends up in the beginning, ahem, hitting Thor with her van by accident. Ok, if you want to know more, get 'Thor' off of Netflix and pop it into your Clearplay DVD player.


  1. I know Loki's the bad guy and everything, but I don't hate him like I hate other villains. {like Red Skull from Captain America} I do like the way his voice sounds. :P And yes, Jane is quite awkward with Thor. XD

  2. Yeah, but Loki is a bit creepy. Plus, Red Skull is played by the same guy who played Elrond in The Fellowship of the Ring:)

  3. Now that I've seen the Avengers, I have to agree with you. Loki was so much nicer in Thor than he is in the Avengers movie. :(
    Yup! Red Skull is the only character that really captured my (autistic) brother's attention. As soon as he pulled his regular looking face off, he shouted, "Red head!" Quite comically. :)


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