Friday, March 30, 2012


                                        You were walking on the moon,
                                 Now you're feeling low,
                                 What they said wasn't true,
                                          You're beautiful.
                                           Sticks n' stones,
                                          Break your bones,
                                     I know what you're feelin',
                                           Words like those,
                                         Won't steal ya glow,
                                         You're one in a million.

                                          All This Time,
                                    From the first tear cried,
                                      'Til today's sunrise,
                          And every single moment between,
                                        You were there,
                                   You were always there.
                                       It was you and I,
                            You've been walking with me,
                                             All this time.
                                           ~All This Time

              (These songs are not acoustic, I just needed the pic)
                                     You know my name,
                                  I know you wrote my story,
                                          But there are days,
                                     I can't see a happy ending.
                                                 No, no,
                                           Life gets hard,
                                     Sometimes it just hurts,
                       It's kicking me down & throwing me curves,
                                       When I feel the rain,
                                       I won't be afraid.
                                  ~Who You Say You are

         What do you think of Britt's new CD, Gold?

In Christ,

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