Thursday, March 29, 2012

27 Things{Tagged by Kaye}


1. Favorite color:
2. Favorite color TO WEAR: Yellow
3. Birthday: Don't know
4. Pet Peeve: Girls my age who adore boys
5. What people think of you: Bubbly, kind, adventurous.
6. What you think of yourself: See above.
7. Favorite Movie: Captain America
8. Least favorite movie: Cleopatra
9. Favorite Subject: History
10. Least favorite subject: Don't know, the hardest. 
11. Favorite Animal: Dolphin
11. Least favorite actor: Whoever plays Edward in 'Twilight'
12: Favorite actor: Annasophia Robb
13. Favorite Number: 212
14. State you live in: Unknown
15. Hunger Games or Harry Potter: Neither in any way.
16. Ice Cream or Custard: Ice cream
17. Favorite Sport/Hobbies: Batminton
18. Middle name: Tiara
19. Favorite Drink: Sprite
20. Siblings: Darrion:{lil sis}
21: Hair Texture: Normal?
22. Edward, Jacob, or Push 'Em All Off A Cliff: Shove them all off the cliff into the shark infested water
23. Pet: Dogs
24: Weirdest food you've ever eaten: Don't ask
25. Snickers or 3 Musketeers: Unknown
26. Imaginary Friend(s): Can't remember
27. How long it took you to take this survey: About 5 minutes

I tag Hannah, from Hannah, Herself, Leanna from Loop-de-Loop, and Sarah from The Craziness and Thoughts of Sarah.

You are so cool if you read this whole thing:)
Thanks Kaye from The Kaye Confessions!


  1. Woah - we're quite alike! I am very much of the same opinion on #4, #11, and #22 especially. ;)


  2. LOL! Btw, you're tagged, Hannah!


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