Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey, again. I wanted just to say something about the Hunger Games.
 Honestly, if you like it, you're not horrible. I just want to make you think about what you're reading. Also, some people might say, 
 "Hey Willow! You like violent stuff too! You watch Lord of the Rings! Star Wars! Indiana Jones!" I admit, I do like ACTION ADVENTURE! Not just violence. Plus I watch it on Clearplay.
 Also, the theme of the movies are not kids killing kids, but grownups trying to do something. Just wanted to clear that up.

On a lighter note, here is an Elven LOTR necklace from Amazon.


  1. Sorry if this seems rude, but The Hunger Games isn't all about killing kids. AT ALL. There's a LOT more to the story, it's a very interesting concept. I don't love gore, death, killing, etc. I enjoy the books for different reasons.


  2. It isn't rude:) But that is a LOT of what is in the first book, right? That's the theme of the first book{I think}. The 74th Annual Hunger Games. And it didn't have to be about that. It didn't have to have Rue getting killed gorily. Or anyone. That's my point.
    {I hope I'm not being to strong}


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