Monday, April 16, 2012

New Hearts for Hearts Dolls {squeal}

For those of you who are doll fans{like me}, I have a special surprise!
 New Hearts for Hearts dolls! Yippee! I seriously was almost squealing with joy. Most of these pics & text are from dolldiaries & Facebook {Note: I am not on Facebook. Jessie, told me that H4H had stuff on FB, & I really wanted to see it, so I looked it up}. For those of you who are not familiar with the H4H line, here is a recap: {In these parentheses, I will add the names I hope to name them}

                                                Consuelo {Consuela} from Mexico

                                              Tipi {Thessalonica} from Laos

  Dell {Delia Amanda} from U.S.A.

                                           Lilian {Lilia} from Belarus

Rahel {Perrine} from Ethiopia

  Nahji {Nahji Jasmine} 

Sonali's adopted sister from India

 Aren't they all so sweet? Well, here are the new ones,

 Aren't they cute? Now, I would like to name 'Zelia' Rue, instead of Zelia. Full name = Ruenna. She could be Kathleen's 'lil 'sis.
                Any ideas?

Zelia from Brazil

 Does she look Brazilian? Ix-nay. Or actually in Pig Latin it would be 'Oynay'. 

Zelia resides in Brazil, where she is busy helping with housework and animals on the farm. After learning her country’s rainforest is quickly disappearing, Zelia knew she had to find a way to help protect it. She is encouraging her peers to plant the seed of a rainforest tree in an effort to preserve this essential habitat. Zelia wears a butterfly t-shirt, representing one of the endangered species from the rainforest.

 Rue from New Orleans
[Correction: Rue's name Lauryce {I think}, not Rue]

 Lauryce is a compassionate girl from New Orleans who saw the worst of Hurricane Katrina, but chose to rise above.  Starting a club with her friends called “LIL Hearts,” Rue is making sure no pets will ever be left behind again. Sporting cute shoes and a multi-colored dress, Rue is on her way to leading others in strength and confidence. (**NOTE – according to a comment left by a H4H representative, Rue may not be her name when she hits store shelves. They are still getting through the trademarking process)

Mosi from U.S. Arizona

 Mosi, a Navajo Native American from Arizona.

 Mosi lives on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, where she helps her mom and dad to keep the Navajo arts culture alive; notice the pretty blue feather in her hair and matching belt. Mosi is one who leads the way and though she struggles with challenges in school, she is working to overlook the differences among classmates and teach others the importance of standing up for what they believe in!



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